Links I Like / October 2017

Links I Like / October 2017 / Michelle Amanda Wison

  1. I’ve been loving podcasts recently; I listen to them on my commute or during more “mindless” tasks at work. This has been one of my recent favorites!
  2. Looking for something life-changing? Try these – I have 2 sets, and I’m planning on buying more!
  3. We recently gave this recipe a try, and we both loved it! Instead of the marinade recipe, we just used the Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki sauce (#lazy), and it was delicious!
  4. We also tried and loved this recipe, especially because it’s simple, freezer-friendly, and cheesy.
  5. I loved this Parade Home project from Studio McGee, especially the loft and nursery! Everything is really beautiful, practical, and attainable.
  6. I bought this cardigan in Mauve, and now that it comes in 6 other colors, I’m tempted to buy another! (How good is the color Fir Ever?)
  7. Google made a “megamovie” of the recent eclipse; it’s worth a watch!
  8. Young Living recently released a mineral makeup line. And a baby line. And everything is amazing. (If you’re looking for all-natural, safe, and effective products, let’s get in touch!)
  9. This is my absolute favorite cookie recipe. I have it printed/written down about 10 times to make sure I never lose it.

Homemade Pesto Recipe

Hey friends – I’m back to blogging after a short break in June (and most of July). I have a bunch of fun posts planned, so I’m really excited for the next few months! First up, I’m sharing this delicious homemade pesto recipe!

Easy homemade pesto recipe | Michelle Amanda Wilson


15 Summer Bags Under $50

There’s something about a great handbag that really pulls an outfit together. A nice structured tote adds polish to a work outfit, and a straw bag brings some fun to a summery dress. Recently, I’ve been shopping to find summer bags that are not only affordable, but also functional! I’ve pulled together some of my favorites for you below!

In the past few months, I’ve been assessing my closet and trying to create a more intentional, capsule-like wardrobe. (If you haven’t heard of capsule wardrobes, check this out! Essentially, a capsule is a mini-wardrobe made up of items that are really versatile and can be used to build many different outfits.) When shopping intentionally, it’s really important to find pieces that will get a lot of use, fit my lifestyle, and hold up well. Handbags is one area of my wardrobe that could definitely use a bit of a refresh. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite summer bags below, including straw bags, crossbody bags, and totes – happy shopping!

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15 Summer Bags Under $50

15 Summer Bags Under $50 - Affordable Straw Bags, Crossbody Bags, and Tote Bags!

Straw: one / two / three / four / five.

Cross-body: six / seven / eight / nine / ten.

Tote: eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen.

Straw Bags

These are a huge trend this summer! I try not to spend lots of money on trendy things, so I love that I was able to find so many of these under $50! If you’re going to invest in a purse, I would suggest going with a really high quality tote or satchel – something that you’ll use for years! I had a ton of fun pulling these together, and I especially love #4 and #5 (those poms are too cute).

Cross-body Bags

I love these for the weekend, and I think they make perfect summer bags! They’re great for holding all the essentials and going hands-free. I would carry one every day if I didn’t always bring a million things with me (see below). Instead, I tend to stick with tote bags for work and cross-body bags for days off!

Tote Bags

I love bags that can hold my camera and the other 8000 items I carry with me to work. (Umbrella, extra shoes, headphones for my iPhone, headphones for my computer, keys, work keys, bullet journal and so on… you get the point.) Tote bags are perfect for this! I always prefer tote bags with zippers, especially for work, because I like to keep all my things contained. However, I couldn’t resist a picking few open totes – #11 and #14 are so versatile!