Recipe / Cheesy Carrot and Chicken Soup

I found this recipe several years ago on a can of Kirkland canned chicken, and it’s become one of my favorite soups. It’s surprisingly hearty, cheesy, and it’s a lot different than your average chicken soup recipe! Seriously guys, this stuff is GOOD. It’s perfect for a cold day, but definitely still delicious during the summer. Cheesy Carrot and Chicken Soup – Serves 4 1 cup shredded carrot (I just.. Read More

Style / Black and White Date Night Outfit

Scott and I went to see a movie this past week since we’re both off school and work right now. During the holiday season, it’s really easy for me to wear leggings and tees or flannels all the time (because hey, if I’m not going to leave the house, why not be comfy?). But I do think that means that when I actually go somewhere, I want to dress up.. Read More

Weekly Meal Plan (and Recipe) / 01-04-15

This post contains affiliate links, denoted with an asterisk*. Should you choose to make a purchase through my link, I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for helping to support this blog! I start school back up this week, so there are a lot of quick and easy meals planned for this week! My schedule is a little different this semester (I start and finish class earlier.. Read More