Meal Plan / Week of 02-08-16

Happy Valentine’s Day week everyone! I’m super excited for this week, and I have a couple of Valentine’s Day posts going up this week that should be really fun! (Keep your eyes open for a free print coming out sometime this week.) Our meal plan for this week is pretty short, since we’ll be eating out for Valentine’s Day and we will also be going on a short work trip… Read More

Easy Stir Fry Recipe (only 5 ingredients!)

This recipe is SO GOOD. Scott and I probably make it almost every week. And when I say that this is an easy stir fry recipe, I mean it – it only uses 5 ingredients and comes together in under a half hour. (And the 5 ingredients aren’t specialty or anything; they’re really easy to find in almost any grocery store!) Not only is it fast and easy – it also.. Read More

Greek Stuffed Chicken Recipe + Weekly Meal Plan / 02-01-16

I can’t believe it’s already February! This year is already going so fast. I’m not totally mad about it thought, because I can’t wait to finish up school. Especially because I have 3 tests this week, and all my tests this year are in the same week as at least 2 other tests. It’s crazy, I tell ya. Needless to say, I’m all about quick meals this week (and also meals that.. Read More