Spring Wish List

I’m starting a new quarterly series here where I’ll share a few products that I’ve been wanting to try. I really don’t like to impulse buy (it makes me feel terrible most of the time), so I always try to add something I want to a wish list and then revisit it at least a week later. This helps me to spend less money and to avoid buying things that I.. Read More

This Week / Meal Plan

Starting this week, I’m going to be sharing a few photos from the past week along with my current meal plan. This way, I’ll get to do a quick recap of the week and hopefully make the meal plan posts a little more interesting! I’ve been loving this warm weather! There are quite a few magnolia trees in our little neighborhood, and they’ve all bloomed beautifully (I’m hoping the snow today hasn’t killed.. Read More

Must-Have Essential Oils for Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. In Pennsylvania, winter can be pretty cold, so the beginning of spring is such a sweet time, when the sun comes back out and people start to get outside and the city comes alive. However, spring can bring with it lots of cleaning and seasonal discomfort. Today I’m sharing some of my must-have essential oils for spring, to help with these problems.. Read More