I’m starting a new quarterly series here where I’ll share a few products that I’ve been wanting to try. I really don’t like to impulse buy (it makes me feel terrible most of the time), so I always try to add something I want to a wish list and then revisit it at least a week later. This helps me to spend less money and to avoid buying things that I only want at the moment. This season, I have some things on my wish list that will be great for spring cleaning and warm weather! Here are some products that I have on my spring wish list this year!

My 2016 Spring Wish List

Stainless Steel Thermos Water BottleTarte Highlighting Palette Makeup HIghlightYoung Living Essential Oils USB Diffuser
Stainless Steel Water Bottle* // Highlighting Palette // USB Diffuser

I’ve had this water bottle for years and LOVE it, but the silicon grip on mine is torn and stretched out. The highlighting palette is new from Tarte. I have their showstopper palette and the highlighter in that is incredible, so I’ve been looking for another highlight from them and was so excited when they released this palette! The USB diffuser is perfect for taking in the car or bringing to work with you. I love to have things smell good, so this is great to do that on-the-go!


Instax Instant Polaroid CameraReusable K-Cup Filter CoffeeWool Dryer Balls Laundry
Instax Camera* // Reusable K-Cup* // Wool Dryer Balls*

This camera is so sweet, and I love the tiny polaroids it takes. I love my k-cup coffee maker because it’s so convenient, but buying the pre-packed k-cups is so expensive! I’m wanting to try a reusable cup since it’s more environmentally friendly and it will save me some money! Wool dryer balls are on my spring wish list since they can make your laundry dry faster and eliminate the need to buy dryer sheets. That’s definitely a win-win!


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