10 Summer Essentials

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the weather so far this summer – it’s been warm for pretty much all of June, which never happens in PA. We’ve been able to do tons of fun summery things already, and it’s only been “officially” summer for a week, so I’m excited to see  With summer now in full swing, I wanted to put together a quick list of all the things I.. Read More

Striped Swing Dress

There are a couple reasons why I love dresses, especially in the summer. First of all, they’re a nice way to keep cool and still look put-together. But mostly, I love dresses because there is no matching involved – just throw one on and your outfit planning for the day is done. I recently bought this striped swing dress from Old Navy and I’ve been loving it. It’s really easy to just.. Read More

Lately / Meal Plan

This past week has been really fun! Scott and I both got to celebrate our birthdays, and we really spread out our birthday festivities. (I think we had about 4 or 5 days of celebration!) Birthday present setup – I got Scott this silicone wedding ring and a shaving kit (this soap set, a double sided razor, and blades). A silicone ring is a perfect gift for any of you.. Read More