After a really gorgeous beginning of the season, it’s finally starting to cool down. The cooler weather means it’s a little easier to dress like it’s autumn, which I’m happy about. During the cooler months, I always like to look nice, but I also want to feel like I’m wearing a blanket as much as possible! To stay warm and cozy, I try to stick to easy, soft, warm pieces that can be easily layered and are comfortable to wear.



Shirt / Scarf / Jeans / Moccasins

I recently purchased this shirt from Old Navy and love the pattern and fabric; it’s sort of like a really lightweight, soft flannel. These jeans from Forever21 not only cost less than $10, but they’re also stretchy and comfortable! I added a scarf for warmth (it’s super soft!) and some fleece-lined moccasins which are warm, look good, and feel like slippers.




What are your favorite tips for staying cozy during the cooler months?