Budget Bedroom Refresh – Planning and Inspiration

It can be really difficult to ever make an apartment feel finished, especially because it’s usually a temporary space. Apartments can also be difficult because you’re limited in what you can do to change the space. Since we’ll probably be living here for awhile, I’m on a mission to make our place feel like home. To accomplish this, I have a few things planned. First up is this budget bedroom refresh! Today’s post is going to be all about the planning, since the project will likely take some time. Let’s get started!

Our Bedroom Now

Budget Bedroom Refresh Before Photos Bed Bedroom Refresh Before Photos Bed Bedroom Refresh Before Photo Dressers

Here’s what our room looked like at the very beginning of this project. (We’ve done a bit since then, but it’s not quite done yet.) Nothing is wrong with the room, but it doesn’t quite look or feel like I want it to. We have lots of “horizontal space” in our room, which means that the headboard and dressers often have a lot of stuff on them and start to look cluttered. I’m going to focus on clearing that so the space looks a bit cleaner. The room also seems a bit plain; there aren’t really any accessories or decorations in the room. That’s one thing I’m hoping to change that will hopefully make a big difference!


A Simple Easter Tablescape

I’m quite excited to share this post with you all, because I’ve been working on it for a while! With Easter coming up, I’ve begun switching out some of our wintery decorations for some springier ones. I love a good tablescape, so I wanted to create one for Easter that was pretty and seasonal but not overdone. I re-used a few things from my wedding and picked up a few things from Target, and I’m really happy with how my simple Easter tablescape came out!

Simple Seasonal Spring Easter Tablescape Floral Pastels Watercolors


The Best Duvet Covers

I’m currently working on a fun, budget-friendly bedroom refresh (I’ll have more about that in an upcoming post). Because we’re planning on staying in this apartment for a while, I’m trying to make the space feel “finished” – it makes a big difference in making our apartment feel like home. We don’t have a huge home décor budget right now, so I try to change things that can be done without spending a lot of money. Swapping out your bedding is a really easy and budget-friendly way to update your bedroom! (Paint is great too, but not always apartment-friendly.) We just have a plain white cover for our duvet, so when I started the project, I wanted to find something a little more interesting. I immediately began a quest to find the best duvet covers (that didn’t cost way more than we can afford).

Ironically, while I was putting this post together, we decided to buy a quilt instead. (We bought this one, and it’s great – soft, pretty, affordable, and it washes well. I’d recommend it! It might be a little small if you have a box spring or tall mattress, but it works well for us.) Scott and I are both pretty hot sleepers, so a quilt is good for us because it can replace our duvet during the warmer months. I also appreciate the versatility of a quilt; we can use it as a coverlet, layer it on top of our duvet, or use it alone.

I didn’t want all my shopping to be in vain, though, so I’ve rounded up some of the best duvet covers that I came across in my search! Most of these are under $80, but I did throw a few splurges in there – sometimes it’s worth it!

The Best Duvet Covers, Home Bedroom Decor, Affordable Duvets


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I especially love this washed linen set from H&M – it looks so beautiful and comfortable, and it comes in a ton of colors. I’m a sucker for a good linen!