Lately / Meal Plan

These past few weeks since finishing school have been busy! I have about 1000 things that I figured I’d just save until after school, so I have a lot of things that I’ve been catching up on. Scott and I have also recently begun looking at houses! We’re pretty excited about the prospect of buying a house, but since we have lots of time to buy and a relatively small budget, we’re able to be pretty picky (which is good, because most of the houses in our price range are a total mess). In all likelihood, we’ll wait until at least next year to buy, but we’ll see! It’s been really fun getting to look and imagine what it’ll be like to own someday.

graduation photo college graduate

I graduated this month! Pro tip for anyone who’s graduating – it’s so nice to take some graduation pictures ahead of time! Once I got all my regalia, I had Scott take some nice portraits and I sent them to family members who wanted a picture, so I didn’t have to try to find a spot to take pictures after the ceremony (it was dark and so crowded).

cabin in the woods

picnic photo couple

Scott and I took a trip into the woods and stayed in a cabin a few days last week. It was a really nice way to relax and recharge, and we got to do some fun things like hiking, picnicking, and eating s’mores!

breakfast in bed

Lazy Saturday mornings mean breakfast in bed. I love breakfast things that are really quick and easy and that don’t require cooking (we don’t have a dishwasher and I don’t like adding lots of extra dishes just from breakfast). Fruit, cereal, kefir (a smoothie-like probiotic drink), and coffee make for an easy and delicious breakfast.


Meal Plan / Week of 5-23-16

  • Monday: Easy Stir Fry
  • Tuesday: Pasta with Sausage and Peppers
  • Wednesday: Pepperoncini Chicken + Rice
  • Thursday: Southwest Casserole
  • Sunday: Frozen Pizza

Lately / Favorite Holiday Photos

Now that New Year’s has come and gone, I wanted to post a quick personal update and share some of my favorite holiday photos with you. These range from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s. I love the holiday season because, first of all, I have an obsession with coziness (and what is cozier than Christmas?), and secondly, I love how much time I get to spend with my family.

favorite holiday photos christmas

favorite holiday photos christmas

This year was a little crazy, since it’s Scott and my first year trying to figure out how to see everyone over the holidays, but I think we accomplished it pretty well. A few of our favorite traditions this year were Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house, working at the Christmas tree farm with Scott’s family (his uncle owns it), the Christmas game with Scott’s parents, Christmas Eve together, and Christmas breakfast at my mom’s. In case anyone is wondering, the Christmas game is played as follows: you drive around and call out certain kinds of Christmas light decorations (stars, nativities, santas, and the like). Each type of decoration is worth a different number of points, and the person with the most points wins!

favorite holiday photos christmas


favorite holiday photos christmas

I also loved being able to capture some reactions to Christmas gifts with a simple tripod and remote setup (whoever wasn’t opening the gift would click the remote to snap a picture) – it worked like a charm and some of the pictures are priceless! (We used this tripod and this remote, if you’re wondering.) We both did pretty well at giving gifts this year, too. My favorite gifts were some hats/headbands (for the cold winter ahead), a Kitchenaid mixer (from Scott’s parents), and an Apple Watch (I’ve been having fun tracking my activity). Scott’s favorite gift was an RC helicopter, which he got a ton of use out of (there was a lot of helicopter flying going on in our apartment). It recently broke, and we spent several hours trying to fix it, to no avail (RIP helicopter).


favorite holiday photos christmas

(We attempted to take a picture on new year’s at midnight, and I did not angle the camera well, so we will just pretend it was an artistic decision.) As we move into 2016, Scott and I are very excited to spend our first whole year together as a married couple. We have some exciting things coming up – a new job (hopefully) for me, some traveling, and possibly even a move!