Links I Like / October 2017

Links I Like / October 2017 / Michelle Amanda Wison

  1. I’ve been loving podcasts recently; I listen to them on my commute or during more “mindless” tasks at work. This has been one of my recent favorites!
  2. Looking for something life-changing? Try these – I have 2 sets, and I’m planning on buying more!
  3. We recently gave this recipe a try, and we both loved it! Instead of the marinade recipe, we just used the Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki sauce (#lazy), and it was delicious!
  4. We also tried and loved this recipe, especially because it’s simple, freezer-friendly, and cheesy.
  5. I loved this Parade Home project from Studio McGee, especially the loft and nursery! Everything is really beautiful, practical, and attainable.
  6. I bought this cardigan in Mauve, and now that it comes in 6 other colors, I’m tempted to buy another! (How good is the color Fir Ever?)
  7. Google made a “megamovie” of the recent eclipse; it’s worth a watch!
  8. Young Living recently released a mineral makeup line. And a baby line. And everything is amazing. (If you’re looking for all-natural, safe, and effective products, let’s get in touch!)
  9. This is my absolute favorite cookie recipe. I have it printed/written down about 10 times to make sure I never lose it.

Homemade Pesto Recipe

Hey friends – I’m back to blogging after a short break in June (and most of July). I have a bunch of fun posts planned, so I’m really excited for the next few months! First up, I’m sharing this delicious homemade pesto recipe!

Easy homemade pesto recipe | Michelle Amanda Wilson


Parmesan Crusted Salmon Recipe

I don’t usually like fish; I’m not the biggest fan of the taste. However, I’ve been trying to incorporate a little more fish into my diet. (Since I rarely eat fish or red meat, we’re probably omega-3 deficient around here.) One of my go-to fish recipes is this parmesan crusted salmon! I’ve always liked this recipe because it takes less than 30 minutes start to finish, has only 3 ingredients, and is sufficiently cheesy for me. (To be honest, I feel a little bad even calling this a recipe because it has about 2 steps and is ridiculously easy.) This is delicious served with some skillet-cooked potatoes and steamed veggies!