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Hi, I’m Michelle!

I’m a 20-something researcher, coffee-drinker, adventurer, newlywed, and lifestyle blogger here at Michelle Amanda Wilson. I’m married to my favorite person, Scott, and we live in a little apartment in the Pittsburgh, PA area. On this blog, I like to share things that I get excited about: DIY, home projects, style, organization, and food. I hope to help people like you live better lives where you can create beautiful things, save money, and make a happy home.

I like to say that this blog is about my adventures in modern-day housewifery. “Housewives” these days are busy, modern women (stay at home moms and professionals alike), and I want to make your life easier. I share easy recipes (because who has time to make complicated dinners?), meal plans and outfits. I’ll also offer ways to save money decorating your home, give better gifts, and organize your life. I’ll share with you ways to make your life simpler, classier, and happier.

Some of my favorite things to do are go on walks or hikes (especially with Scott), take photos, and drink lattes. I also love to find affordable ways to decorate my home, especially by making wall art and restoring older furniture. We actually found our beautiful dining room table on the side of the road – leaves and cover included! I also love hand-lettering and typography, and can often be found making a birthday card instead of buying one.

So that’s all about me! Feel free to browse around the blog, sign up for my email list, or connect with me on social media – I’d love to hear from you!