Links I Like / March 2017

Links I Like March 2017

Links I Like / March 2017

  1. How the sugar industry blamed fat.
  2. I love this slow-cooker fajita recipe; it’s simple and makes great leftovers.
  3. How to have a truly restorative vacation.
  4. I’m totally obsessed with these adorable swimsuits.
  5. 12 five-ingredient dinners to make your weeknights easier.
  6. This DIY marbled concrete tray is so good.
  7. Home trends for 2017 that are actually livable.
  8. I can’t believe this wooden dowel leather chair is a DIY.
  9. All the gold spray paints, compared.

Southwest Casserole Recipe

This southwest-inspired casserole recipe is a huge favorite in our house! It’s really easy to make, only uses one dish, makes good leftovers, and is a tasty way to get some veggies and fiber. We typically make it several times a month, and we haven’t gotten tired of it yet! I love easy meals like this because they come together quickly after work – it makes weeknight cooking much easier. Read on for the easy, one-dish casserole recipe!

Southwest Casserole Recipe, Easy Weeknight Dinner One Dish Meal


The Best Duvet Covers

I’m currently working on a fun, budget-friendly bedroom refresh (I’ll have more about that in an upcoming post). Because we’re planning on staying in this apartment for a while, I’m trying to make the space feel “finished” – it makes a big difference in making our apartment feel like home. We don’t have a huge home décor budget right now, so I try to change things that can be done without spending a lot of money. Swapping out your bedding is a really easy and budget-friendly way to update your bedroom! (Paint is great too, but not always apartment-friendly.) We just have a plain white cover for our duvet, so when I started the project, I wanted to find something a little more interesting. I immediately began a quest to find the best duvet covers (that didn’t cost way more than we can afford).

Ironically, while I was putting this post together, we decided to buy a quilt instead. (We bought this one, and it’s great – soft, pretty, affordable, and it washes well. I’d recommend it! It might be a little small if you have a box spring or tall mattress, but it works well for us.) Scott and I are both pretty hot sleepers, so a quilt is good for us because it can replace our duvet during the warmer months. I also appreciate the versatility of a quilt; we can use it as a coverlet, layer it on top of our duvet, or use it alone.

I didn’t want all my shopping to be in vain, though, so I’ve rounded up some of the best duvet covers that I came across in my search! Most of these are under $80, but I did throw a few splurges in there – sometimes it’s worth it!

The Best Duvet Covers, Home Bedroom Decor, Affordable Duvets


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I especially love this washed linen set from H&M – it looks so beautiful and comfortable, and it comes in a ton of colors. I’m a sucker for a good linen!