Our meal plan this week was so easy to make – Scott and I had way too many things we wanted to eat last week, so we already had most of our list done when it came time to plan for this week! Since I have off school this week and Scott is only working part-time, we are really looking forward to being able to eat at a relatively normal time this week (when we’re both busy, we often don’t eat until 8pm or later)! We kept meals pretty low-key and easy this week since we’re both off school and work. I have a recipe for the lemon garlic chicken coming this Wednesday, so be sure to come back and check it out – it’s one of our favorites!

meal plan – week of 12/28/15

monday – lemon basil chicken pasta (one dish)
tuesday – italian stuffed chicken (one dish)
wednesday – chicken divan casserole
thursday – new year’s eve dinner
friday – cheesy chicken and carrot soup
saturday – stir fry
sunday – pizza