Apartment-Friendly Christmas Décor

Decorating for Christmas is fun, but when you’re in a small, rented space, it can be difficult! Today, I’m sharing a mini Christmas home tour with you all, so you can see how we’ve decorated our small space! In an apartment, it’s important to use Christmas décor that’s easy to store, versatile, and doesn’t take up too much space. Here are a few guidelines I kept in mind while decorating for Christmas!

5 Easy, Apartment-Friendly Tips for Christmas Décor

Apartment Friendly Christmas Décor


The Best Free Christmas Prints

I’ve mentioned before how much I love using prints to decorate. I’m all for hanging art, but it isn’t something I prioritize spending money on right now, so I like to make it as affordable as possible! I’ve found several ways to do this – Scott and I painted a few canvasses (and they’re actually pretty good); I’ve framed pages from an old atlas; I buy frames at Goodwill (frames are expensive), and of course, I like to find artwork that I can print at home. With Christmas coming up, I wanted to gather up all of my favorite free holiday-themed prints, so you can all spend your hard-earned money on things like gifts and a real Christmas tree! I’ve rounded up the 10 best free Christmas prints for you; these will make a great (and affordable) addition to your holiday décor!


Minimalist Free Christmas Prints

Thanksgiving is over, which means I’m in full Christmas mode over here. Scott and I have been working on decorating the apartment, wrapping presents, and getting into the Christmas spirit! I have a whole bunch of fun posts planned for this season, and I’m excited to share them with you! To kick off the Christmas season, I have a few fun, minimalist Christmas prints to share with you (and they’re free)! I always love adding prints to my walls – they’re a fun and inexpensive way to make your house feel more like home. Prints can also add a really personal touch to your decor.


Minimalist Christmas Printables Free Holiday Prints Decor